The Lincoln Dancentre was first founded by the much loved David Mcgregor in 2001.  If dancing had not been his passion I would have suggested interior decorating as when David took over the establishment it was merely the left over gym once used by the Lincoln City football players.  In a short time David had turned the empty forgotten room into a thriving training ground for Dancers of all ages.  Using hard earned money David put an approximate £35,000 into supplying The Dancentre with the best spring flooring, enough comfy seating for all,  and not to mention the best tasting tea and coffee.

Unfortunately, for every up there is a down.  In 2007 the Sincil drain over flowed due to a particularly  heavy flash flood.  The Dancentre was immersed a foot under water as the water seeped in under the fire escape doors.  Upset was the simplest of words to describe David’s feelings at that moment.  The carpets were all replaced as they were too wet to be dried out,  but by far the biggest expense was the dance floor.  Due to the heavy water damage the entire dance floor had to be replaced setting David back a pretty penny.  2 Years further down the line David was still feelings the effects of his loss and on the 11th July 2009 he was forced to close The Dancentre and walk away with his Debt.

All was not lost however.  On the 23rd July 2009 not 2 weeks later Lois Anna Baker (Aged 19) David’s prized student took over.  Lois had been learning under David’s teaching since she was 5 years old and since then she has past her teaching exams and became David’s apprentice in learning how to run The Dancentre herself so one day she may take over when David retired.  Unexpected to Lois her dream of running The Dancenter came a little sooner than she had imagined.  Since Lois took over with the support of her family she has managed to keep The Lincoln Dancentre a well respected dance centre with over 200 members.

As we have seen however every story takes a turn for the worst.  Mid November in 2010 Lincoln experienced one of its worst winters in many years.  Burried in under 3 foot of snow Lincoln came to a stand still.  Business was slow as Lois decided to keep The Dancentre shut so as not to risk people driving in the hazardous conditions to come and dance.  A slow business would have been a downer but at least once the ice cleared business would be back up and running.  Unfortunately for Lois it was time for her to face her first trial from mother nature and natural disasters.  A few days shortly after Christmas with temperatures dropping to -20 degrees centigrade water everywhere was frozen solid…………Including pipes.  Situated under the Co-op stand at the football ground The Dancentre is located directly under some of the main water pipes for the stadium.  As the ice thawed the pipe burst flooding water directly into the toilets at The Dancentre.  The wash room connecting the ladies to the gents toilets was flooded.  Water was seeping down the walls and pooring out of the light fixtures, flooding both ladies and gents toilets also.  Backing onto the gents toilet wall was the kitchen.  The water had even managed to find its way under cracks in the wall and flood into the kitchen.  The biggest shock at this point was seeing the water lapping at the walls connecting the kitchen to the very expensive dance floor.  By the best luck in the world Lois arrived just in time to get the football ground to turn off the water supply before it could spread any further.  With the help of her family and friend Lois managed to get all the water mopped up, carpets replaced and The Dancentre returned to its former glory.  It is safe to say that Lois was not best pleases when it happened again………….twice!!

Another year down the line and The Lincoln Dancentre is still fighting on. Growing in popularity and welcoming all new and experienced dancers.  Lois has had a great success with reopening The Lincoln Dancentre and turning into a great place for people interact and share experiences in dancing.